Stain Guarder

What is StainGuarder®?

The one and only StainGuarder®!
Patent Pending / Guaranteed

StainGuarder® prevents the two types of staining that occurs on gutters (general blackening and streaking / tiger striping). It also reduces ice formation (icicles). StainGuarder® has been thoroughly tested and installed on gutters in some of the most adverse climates in various geographical areas for over ten years and proven itself to work.


1. Made with the most advanced durable exterior grade UV enhanced vinyl available.
2. Made in 8 foot sectional strips with pre-drilled holes. *
3. Can be installed and fits with virtually every leaf guard, screen and all gutter covers or toppers.
4. Installs in seconds as your gutter comes out of the gutter machine or after the gutter is installed on the house.
5. Will not fade, crack, disintegrate or turn yellow.
6. 10 year limited money back guarantee.
7. Comes in several colors (custom colors available).
8. Only a screw gun required for installation.

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