Gutter FAQ'S

Let Us Assist You, Here are some Frequently Asked Questions


I have water standing in my gutters, is this normal?
Yes, all gutters will hold some water. Up to 1" of water is normal and will evaporate, over 1' will need an adjustment, either repitching the gutter or adding another spout.

Why do I have water dripping between the gutter and the roof?
This usually can be fixed by installing drip edge, a metal flashing that goes under the roof material and deposits the water into the gutter, protecting the fascia board.

We work during the day, can we get an estimate and the work done without being home?
Yes while we prefer to have the home owner present while the work is being done, we can do the job without the customer being home. We will measure the job and leave a business card. The estimator will call you that evening with the complete estimate.

Do you offer a variety of gutters?
We have a 5" residential gutter and a 6" commercial gutter. We also have a variety of colors to chose from.

What kind of warranties do you offer?
We offer a Three year warranty on labor and a 20 year material, manufacturer's warranty.

Do you charge
extra for colors?
We charge the sa
me price per foot for white and brown. If you want a different color to match your trim and the body of your house, it will be an additional cost depending on color

How do you recommend cleaning the outside of the gutter system?
In most cases, normal rainfall is enough to keep them clean, however if your gutters should need extra cleaning contact us and we will assist you.

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